Facing Death

Our “old folks” Bible Class is studying Hebrews. I am always surprised how I can read a verse several times, and then a new meaning hits me right square in the face. For example, this morning, we just happened to read Hebrews 2:9 …that He, by the grace of God, should taste death for all.  Now, I know I have read that verse at least several dozen times, but a new thought hit me.

In Matthew 27:46, Jesus asks …My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?  Because all the sins of all mankind had been piled on Jesus, God was forced to turn away.  If we die in our sins, God will not be there with  us at the point of death, for our sins will turn Him away.  However, because Jesus took my sins away by His own death, I can be assured that when I face the very moment of death, God will be there to  guide me gently over.  I will never have to fear facing death alone if I remain a faithful child of God.  What a great privilege to be escorted over the border by the very hand of God!

What say ye?


One thought on “Facing Death

  1. Faith (When Our Time on Earth is Done)
    Words and Music © 2009 Tom Cope
    All Rights Reserved

    The sun will surely rise tomorrow.
    Its light will shine on everyone.
    But one day there will be no tomorrows
    When our time on earth is done.

    Faith – when you are discouraged!
    Faith – when your time has come!
    Trust and obey, take courage!
    Faith will lead you gently home!

    There will be no tears and no more sorrow.
    His Light will shine on everyone.
    On that day there will be no tomorrows
    And we will see the victory won!

    Faith – read what’s on the pages!
    Faith – won’t you hear the Word?
    Jesus is the Rock of Ages!
    Jesus the Christ is Lord!

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